Refund Policy

Any Client who's wishing of taking the Services at his/ her home shall register himself/ herself on the point and choose from the list of Service which the customer wishes to take. The customer shall make the booking in advance as per the conditions of the Company to book Services from the professional.

The Services will be available subject to online booking vacuity and accessiblity and the Company doesn't guarantee availablity of Professionals and Services at all times. In case the Professional fails to visit the customer, for any reason not attributable to the customer, the Service Charges paid by the customer will be returned within 5-7 days in agreement with the Refund Policy, if the Customer wishes to cancel the booking; he/ she may do the same.

The Company hereby expressly states that any request from the Customer in respect to any change in the Services bought by the Customer through the website shall not be accepted by the Company.

The Company reserves the right at any time after damage of Customer's booking to accept or decline Customer's booking for any reason which will benefit to the Customer nicely in advance and any Service Charges paid shall be refunded to the Customer’s account. The Company may need verifications or information before accepting any booking, which shall be handed by the Customer.